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Introduction Cover Letter

Throughout Writing 10 I have learned many new methods of writing and I can honestly say this class has helped my writing techniques improve since the first day I set foot into this class. Having two writing classes was not easy, but I put forth my best effort to keep up with these two classes. I struggled and completed all of the assignments required in this class on time and to the best of my ability, so I believe the fair grade I deserve would be an A- or a B+.

During this class so far I have written three essays that I am very proud of and will soon be completing the fourth and last essay. These essays show how much effort I have put into this class as a whole and how I have managed to grow as a reader, writer, researcher, and thinker. If you would compare the essays I wrote in this class to essays I have written in the past you would clearly see the difference in them. This class has sparked my reading ability to a whole other level because the books in this course actually grabbed my attention. The books only made me love the writing process even more because I liked all the books that were assigned to read in this class. Also, essay three showed me a new side of research that I did not even know existed for the first time in my life I used Scholarly Journals to write my essay and I had fun with it. I think overall I have become a better writer because of all the methods that were used in this class from the Paramedic method to exchanging papers with your peers and discussing it as a whole. You also commented on one of my essays how my “sentences clearly match up and use syntax variation.”

In this class I have learned many things that can help me in the future. For instance I learned how to keep a group led discussion going for over forty minutes this was something I had never done before. I believe this helped me conquer my last fears I had of speaking in front of an audience. I also learned how to create my own blog and page on the site WordPress. This blog has not only helped the school go more environmentally friendly it has also helped me become more familiar with the web which is something that can be very useful for my future. Now when I take future courses I will no longer be afraid of leading a group discussion in front of the class and I will know how to use WordPress if other future courses require me to do so.

My main goals for this portfolio are to demonstrate how helpful this class has been to me and to show my audience the whole experience and processes I have completed throughout this course. I want to show my audience that I have become a better person and writer overall and to show them my progress I have made this semester with this portfolio.

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